Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, I had myself all set up to do a real update post with pictures and all. I painstakingly photographed all my Christmas gifts and other various items of interest in addition to snapping pics of a whole drawer full if old stash for Ravelry. I joined a stash-burning group for 2008 and the first step is to log all of your stash. Anyhow, I did all this and was all ready to go.....and then I realized that I have no clue in hell where the cord to my camera is. Considering that I had absolutely WRECKED both my office and bedroom during a frantic last minute search for Christmas yarn that was MIA, it may take me awhile to find it. It was not pretty. As it became more and more apparent that the yarn was nowhere to be found while I was mere moments away from having to wrap the thing, my search quickly moved from shifting things here and there to pulling out/dumping entire drawers, haphazardly yanking out/dumping storage just wasn't good. The yarn turned out to still be in the shipping box on my little table downstairs, btw. Absolute destruction for nothing. On the bright side of things, this will at least give me reason to get a jump on my New Years cleaning and organization effort.
Alright, so another post w/out pictures. I suck. This I least with this.
Oh, and guess who guest starred at the Celtic Knot this afternoon? Moi. I'll be doing an encore performance tomorrow morning and afternoon, so if anyone wants to stop by and say hello, that's where I'll be.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Meryy Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

I'm having a good day relaxing and plan on knitting myself a new pair of socks. I'm thinking something chevron-esque out of my now giant stash of Storm Moon Knits Twilight Sock. Either that, or some Charades. I had the urge last night after the super fun "please kill me now!!!" family gathering, but I thought back on all the nights I've acted on my last minute knitting urges and been sad afterwards. I just don't do well starting things when I'm exhausted. Anyhow, I'll be back later with some photos (gasp) and a mini-run down of our Chistmasy events.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm trying here.....

Okay, so Yes. I haven't posted since Thanksgiving. Evil, evil me. For those of you who don't know, things have gotten just a tad crazy here and my knitting time has....well, it's pretty much vanished. The little time I have has been (supposedly) spent on gifts for the fast approaching holiday.....though I may have knocked out a hat or something for myself in there, too. Anyhow, nothing to show b/c it's all secret, but I am here, I am knitting some, and I will post some pics of what I can show when it's ready to be shown.