Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Lord Help Me, they put a whole slew of new colors up on Blue Moon Fiber Arts!!!! I lost control! I couldn't help it! What's wrong with me?? Do you all realize how much freaking sock yarn I have??? I've clearly lost my mind. I'm not even going to be in the country for at least a week or so after it arrives! What the hell! I am weak....WEAK, I tell you.
Anyhow, I ordered Mesa, Jailhouse Rock, Space Dust, and Mineshaft (I think that's what it's called) in lightweight and Backstabber in Silkie STR. I must stop. Stop, stop, stop. My God. And I seriously want to go back onto the website right this second and order more. They put up new solid colors.....and there are so many more variegated shades that I. must. have. On top of all this, we gt reservations today for Chicago and essentially the sole purpose of me driving there is so I can ditch my mom at the hotel and drive to The Fold, where I plan to just sit and stare at the STR....before turning into a raging yarn buying beast of hell and wiping out their stock. Issues, people.I have them. Serious ones. You must go look at the BMFA website. Really. Luckily for me I already bought some of the new colors at Sheep & Wool.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still trying to Update

I'll tell you, for being on a semi-sabbatical, I just can't keep on top of things. I guess that's part of my "all or nothing" life trend. The fact that I'm madly trying to get stuff loaded onto Ravelry before I leave doesn't help. Ravelry itself is super great, but Flickr and I....well, we don't always get along. I'm not particulary familiar with the service so I don't know if it's Flickr itself, or just my slow ass computer that makes it take literally like 20 minutes to upload a liited number of pictures. Then I have the added confusion of using two photo publishing services. As far as I can tell, and I realize that I'm very likely mistaken, I can't post pictures directly from Flickr. In my head though, they've already been uploaded ad are ready to go. But thn I have to go back onto photobucket and re-upload them for blogging purposes. Hmmm.....confusion. I'll get it worked out. Anyhow, I've gone on another bit of a start-a-million-projects-at-once rush. I think I kind of hit a brick wall there for awhile because I was pumping out really simplistic projects while I was amassing large quantities of more difficult patterns. Then, when I started in on all the "Hold up! What's this 70 row chart doing in here?!?" patterns, I felt a little blah since I couldn't really just sit in front of the tv and knit away, or even really knit at work. I guess really I only started 2 or 3 pairs of socks that I really just got the icks about. Unfortunately, Pomotomus was one of those pairs. I had high hopes for those. I'll finish them eventually. Another was the pair of Monkeys for my mom. I don't have an issue with tat pattern, just the yarn and the freakishly crappy needles. I finished the first sock but never got around to casting on for #2.
Okay. Enough of what I haven't done. Here is something that I like quite a bit and it is now complete.....though not kitchnered because I seem to have misplaced all of my darning needles.

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And a close-up of the pattern.
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This is STR mediumweight in Henpecked. The pattern is Stansfield 196 from More Sensational Knitted Socks. I wish now that I had continued the pattern down the foot, but this will have to do. I like the pattern enough to make a second pair and I'll just do the foot on that future pair.
I also started a pair of Mata Hari socks in STR Alina. I just wasn't feeling them though so I frogged it last night. Still, here is what it looked like.
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I love the colorway and I love the pattern,just not so much together. I re-cast on for them in STR Amethyst, but I'm not even done the ribbing yet. We'll see how that works out.
In non-knitting news, I cut all my hair off. Voila!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It doesn't really show in the photo, but the underside of the back of my head is shaved. Not shaved bald, but way, way short. I really like it and it's super easy to take care of.
That's all for now!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I just got my invite to Ravelry and am sooooo excited!! I half wish I could postpone my trip to Italy so I could obsessively sit here and upload photos. The "responsible" part of me is als thinking about how this could potentally be such a blessing to me organization-wise. It'll require me to go thru everything, group everything, provide me an opportunity to re-house things in a sensical manner.......and then I have to deal with all the technological crap and re-upload all my shit from photobucket to flickr and mess with all the things photo related that I'm very surprised I haven't managed to jack up aleady. Poo.
Oh, and as promised like a month ago, here's the damage on my pretty, poor little Fire on the Mountian sock.

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I sillhave to figure out how to darn it, if that's what the process is even called. Okay, I have to run and play more on Ravelry! Yay!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sorry, sorry, sorry.....

It seems that I managed to drop off the fave of the earth again. A lot has been going on at Casa de Lindsay, and most of it has been (no surprise here) tragic. In list form:
1) I went a little crazy when I got back from Williamsburg. Big time depression that was B.A.D.
2) I evidently have grown into the world of supreme panic attack sufferers. Sucky!
3) I am now almost properly medicated and have been feeling like a "normal" human for several days. Yay!
4) I had some big time family issues which have landed me in the emergency room for a quickie psych ward check-in (not for me, surprisingly enough).
5) I had to deal with all the ramifications/future planning/family conferences which were involved with #4.
6) I had to deal with changing just about every plan when there was a surprise impromptu release from #4.
7) Now everything has changed again and I'm worried/stressed but still feeling pretty fly.
8) I'm leaving for Italy in a matter of days and I have to clean the house, pack, prepare for a few weeks out of the country....what's a girl to do?

I will soon post pics of the damn hole in my sock, plus give you all a little look-see at what else has been coming off/going on the needles around these parts.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Exactly what I was afraid of

I'm in Williamsburg right now attending the annual conference of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society. I must say, it pretty much kicks ass. There have been some thing that haven't been as exciting as I thought they were going to be, but there have been an equal number of events that have far exceeded my expectations. However, this is all besides the point. Wednesday morning when I was getting ready to leave I recalled my plan to never go barefoot as I'm trying to maintain my new pedicure. I slipped into my Fire on the Mountain socks and went about my business. Not too long after I put them on, I happened to run my hand over the sole of my foot because.....well, I do that a lot when I'm sitting around. I felt something ultra funny in the heel area and took the sock off to investigate. Sure enough, there's a mammoth hole torn into it. I have pictures but seeing as how I didn't pack my camera, they'll have to wait. I', always so afraid of messing up my socs that I rarely wear them, and if I do, it's just around the house. You may recall how I sucked up my fear and wore my FotM socks to Atlantic City the other week and had a bit of a shoe accident. I thought my fears were unfounded after I washed the socks and gave them rudimentary check up. I've even worn them to bed since then and didn't notice a thing. This really, really sucks and although I know there were extenuating circumstances surrounding their demise, I know it's going to leave a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to legitimately wearing my special socks.
It's nap time for me now. My room is one the outside of the building facing the parking lot, though I'm a few floors up. Last night a bus of hillbillies (or apparent hillbillies......they may have been some sort of Southern state team) arrived and it took them what seemed like hours to unload. Then there was a white-trash-a-thon going on outside my room on the balcony starting at like 7am. When I found out that my room was on the outside with a common balcony/walkway thing with an accessible window, I figured I wouldn't make it out of this place alive. I wasn't planning on going off on one of these mountain women who have intruded on me, but now at least the fear of my perishing has been alleviated.