Friday, November 02, 2007

One little FO

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Hmmmm...for some reason, when I took this, I didn't think that it was such a vomitous picture. However, now that I'm not looking at it in the middle of the night, I'm thinking that I'm a jackass for posting such things on the internet. Oh well. Jackass it is.

Pattern: Basic Seed Stitch-I think I cast on something like 27sts
Yarn: Something Brown and something brownish gold
Needles: US 13

Sorry I can't be more specific, but this was another stash buster. I'm fairly sure that the ladder yarn is either something from FFF or Whimsey from Plymouth. It's something I had picked up back in store #3 to make a brown butterfly shawl that never happened. I don't know what I got the brown base yarn for, but I'm sure it couldn't have been anything too important. The fringe on this is killer. Too bad I didn't think to photograph it. I maxed it out bigtime.
So I'm leaving for Vegas in the morning and an still about 70% unprepared. I'm going to attempt to clean up my office for my nephew, but you know guarantees. I also have to be on call to possibly pick him up from Towson tonight so he can get the key and van.
I think I've decided what I'm going to knit in Vegas. I'm bringing along some yarn and a HUGE boys shirt to swatch for a Christmas gift, and I picked up some Fantasy today at work to make a double knit diamond scarf designed by Karoline. I would link to her blog, but I don't have the addy at the time being. I swear though....I went to Target after work to pick up this shirt to use as a measuring tool. I was told to do about a boys 14, and that shirt was just friggin' monsterous. Literally, I could even have worn back when I was slimmer, yet still a boob filled adult woman. I decided to go a size down, but still, this thing is going to be far more time consuming than I had thought. Oh well. I should have learned from past experiences (like my nephews 3 years scarf/hat set) that I shouldn't open my mouth about knitted gifts until they're done.
Alrighty, I'm off to clean up and pack. Be back in a week, hopefully not madly in debt.

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Karolion said...

Hey this is Karoline, I scanned my pattern and posted it so you can take it and make your scarf now :)