Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Non-knitting in Vegas

I started for Vegas with all the supplies to make my double knit diamond scarf and swatch/start my nephews Christmas sweater. I had bought some of the new needles from the shop for the former, and I brought it all in my purse on the plane out there. I got a wee bit done on the scarf but it was a bit uncomfortable knitting on the plane, at least while fumbling around with my not-so-great double knitting skills. Once at the hotel, I eagerly went for my project to knit in comfort only to find that one of my new needles ha evidently not made it off the plane. So that was sucky thing number one. Sucky thing number two was that when I started to swatch for the sweater, my fabric was all holey and gross. I had assumed when packing that I would be doing it on size 9's s the ball band suggests a size 10.5. Being the loose knitter that I am, I figured the 9 would be great. Being me, I figured entirely wrong. On to massive suckfest item numero trois. I had the swift idea to look up the "local" knitting shop in the phone book and hopped a cab out there Tuesday morning. $55 later, the cab driver pull up to the address and says,"Oh, you just wanted to get your nails done??".....because the knitting store was now a great big ol' nail salon. I had him wait for me while I wandered around the shopping center and eventually found someone who could give me a vague description of where the store had moved. The cabbie took me there, then informed me that there was no way in hell that I was going to ever get a cab back to the strip because we were in the middle of bum-fuck. He was kind enough wait for me at no additional charge. So I went into the store and was icily greeted by about 9 women sitting around a table knitting. I swear, I've never been given such a noticeable once over before in my life. I stood there until they went back to their knitting and then proceeded to head back where I saw yarn. Before I reached my destination, a woman jumped up fro her chair at the table and very rudely demanded of me," Can I help you!?!?!". I asked her where needles were, to which she huffed and said "Over here!". There selection sucked ass, but I was able to make out with a pair of plastic 6's and 8's. I started back to the front, then remembered that I also needed a tape measure. Here is out dialog:
Me: Excuse me, but where are your notions?
Mean,Evil Lady: WHAT!!
Me: Your notions.
MEL: What do you mean!?
Me: I need a tape measure. Where are your knitting notions?
MEL: Oh, you mean accessories????
Me: Yeah, I guess so.
MEL: Back where the needles were! I don't know how much we have back there though.
Me: Thanks....(and in my head, I hope you get gonorrhea that envelops your entire body)

I then went to check out, where the other woman completely ignored me while she stood there printing out color cards. Finally she said to me, " I am going to help you, really". Eventually she did and I was able to get back into my cab and bitch about the bitches to my cabbie.

So after my $35 cab ride back, I was able to play with my new shitty needles. Yay. I think in the end I only knit maybe 10 rows after that. I think the whole ordeal just disgruntled me. So now I'm back and madly working on stuff for the holidays. Oh, the joy. On the bright side, I came home to a confirmation email welcoming me to the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club. Kick. Ass. Also, the new Raven Series is out! I got me some Laci and two skeins of lightweight. I can't really recall he colors offhand, but I'm sure they'll be fabulous.

Friday, November 02, 2007

One little FO

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Hmmmm...for some reason, when I took this, I didn't think that it was such a vomitous picture. However, now that I'm not looking at it in the middle of the night, I'm thinking that I'm a jackass for posting such things on the internet. Oh well. Jackass it is.

Pattern: Basic Seed Stitch-I think I cast on something like 27sts
Yarn: Something Brown and something brownish gold
Needles: US 13

Sorry I can't be more specific, but this was another stash buster. I'm fairly sure that the ladder yarn is either something from FFF or Whimsey from Plymouth. It's something I had picked up back in store #3 to make a brown butterfly shawl that never happened. I don't know what I got the brown base yarn for, but I'm sure it couldn't have been anything too important. The fringe on this is killer. Too bad I didn't think to photograph it. I maxed it out bigtime.
So I'm leaving for Vegas in the morning and an still about 70% unprepared. I'm going to attempt to clean up my office for my nephew, but you know guarantees. I also have to be on call to possibly pick him up from Towson tonight so he can get the key and van.
I think I've decided what I'm going to knit in Vegas. I'm bringing along some yarn and a HUGE boys shirt to swatch for a Christmas gift, and I picked up some Fantasy today at work to make a double knit diamond scarf designed by Karoline. I would link to her blog, but I don't have the addy at the time being. I swear though....I went to Target after work to pick up this shirt to use as a measuring tool. I was told to do about a boys 14, and that shirt was just friggin' monsterous. Literally, I could even have worn back when I was slimmer, yet still a boob filled adult woman. I decided to go a size down, but still, this thing is going to be far more time consuming than I had thought. Oh well. I should have learned from past experiences (like my nephews 3 years scarf/hat set) that I shouldn't open my mouth about knitted gifts until they're done.
Alrighty, I'm off to clean up and pack. Be back in a week, hopefully not madly in debt.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cripes....what am I gonna talk about now???

So A&E pulled Dog the Bounty Hunter off air. I don't really know what to do now. I have yet to listen to this taped conversation where he drops the "n" word, but I hear it's pretty fierce. I don't know if can take it.

Nothing new on the knitting front. I'm still plugging away on my SSSP, which is turning out nicely. I need to figure out what all I'm going to take to Vegas with me. I know what I should take, but size matters when travelling and I'm thinking some socks may be on the menu. Surprise, surprise. Oh! And I sent in my info today for the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club, but I have yet to get a confirmation email so I'm beginning to sweat bullets. Hopefully it'll come tomorrow. Also, I guess I'm going to miss the premiere of the Raven series. Bah! I suppose I'll be able to hold off until I get back from my trip.