Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bad to the Bone

I'm a bad, bad, bad blogger. I don't even want to look at the date of my last entry because it will cause me such horrid shame. I've been busy with school and all that good stuff, so blogging (and sadly, even knitting) has been on the backburner. I haven't finished a project in Lord only knows how long. I did manage to pop out an ultra cool cable accented hat (Coronet from Knitty, to be specific) in some brown Teseo. I'll have to get some pictures together tp update right. Hmmm, what else? I finished knitting a realy noce scarf out of some green Cyprus Mohair and Kid Mohair, both by Feza. Again, I'm lacking any photographic proof. In my defense, I'm also really bad at paying my phone bill and seeing as how I've been using my phone to snap pictures, I've been camaeraless for a good while. Also, I've just been lazy about it. Let's see....I've been knitting away on an Hourglass sweater out of Last Minute Little Gifts. I love it and can't wait until it's both completed and not Spring/Summer so I can actually wear it. I don't quite know what it is with me and my knitting of wool sweaters in the warm months. Last year it was the Pastaza fair isle started sometime in July, I beleive. I'm going to Texas next week and would like to have something non-wool to knit. I did get notification today that my Magic Stripes backprder is FINALLY going being shipped. Maybe I can do my second jaywalker. This will show you how my brain has been functioning for the past few days, but I've been seriousl considering whether or not I want to knoit my next pair of socks together or one by one. Doing the two at a time is best in the loing run, but I'm finding that my 'second sock syndrome' easliy morphs into a 'lose interest while I've got half of two socks done' problem. At least when I have one sock done I can put it on my foot and look at it. I thik that's about it for now. I'll have to make a note to take some pictures tomorrow so I can add some eye candy on here. Words can be so dull.

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