Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy Happy, Joy, Joy!!

I got my lovely Regatta Blue Magic Stripes!! I didn't even know it had come. I just went downstairs yesterday and there was my little box sitting on the kitchen table. Now I'll have something that's not all hot and woolen to knit in Texas. I'll bring my hourglass sweater, too, if I can come up with the moolah to purchase the rest of my yarn. I had three balls of it at home for which I couldn't find a worthy project. I saw on someones blog an hourglass sweater made in a similar color, and I had to do it. I had been thining about the hourlass sweater for a good while but hadn't really set my mind to it. When we got in the new Manos shipment at the shop, I stashed about 5 skeins. According to the yarn requirements, I'd still be a skein short. I've been hearing reports that many people have gone over on yardage, so I'm figuring I'm probably going to have to buy 2 more skeins somehwere else. I thought I had finished knitting the body last night, having used about 4 skeins. I then cast on for my first arm. However, this morning when I examined the body, it looks way short even though I went a alittle over the given length. I added a good bit to that, eating up the rest of ny yarn. I have a little left over in the ball I'm using on the arm, but when that's done (in not too many more rows), I'm fresh outta Manos. Hopefully tomorrow I can buy atleast two more of the stashed skeins. That'll get me through finishing the body for good and both arms. I probably wouldn't get much farther than that on my trip anyhow. Especially if I have my jaywalker to do. I'm also considering taking some of that disco yarn I got awhile back to work on some other sock pattern. I'm dying to go thru that Sensational Socks book.
In other news, I really need a pedicure and hope to take care of that tonight before I go to bed. Additionally, This morning when I got up for work, I threw on my robe and felt somethign wet slap up against my calf. I looked and founf that someone, more than likely Riley, had taken the liberty of barfing all over my robe during the night. I'll have to remember to wash that.....

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