Monday, May 22, 2006

Mentally Defective

I've been a busy, busy girl lately. Between finals, papers, and all the other random craziness that comes along with being me, I've surprisngly done a lot on the knitting front. The majority of this knit-"doing" falls into the shopping category. I'm attributing it to a mixture of angst from missing MDS&W this year and massive stress spending. I was telling one of the customers at the shop today that I can think of few days within the past week or so that I haven't made a detour to at least a craft store on my way home from school. Some of the stuff I didn't bother to photograph. Needles and whatnot aren't a ton of fun to look at. My first bit of goodness is this here skein of Mountaincolors sock yarn. I got it with plans to make pomatomus from knitty, but the yarn is way too thick. I'll tell ya, I love that girls sock patterns but the gauges are always T.I.N.Y. I have little to no desire to buy or knot with yarn that is so small.
Items #2, 3, and 4 are these little beauties. On the left is something that I don't recall, but it's pretty nifty and I can see it morphing into a loosely knit scarf so I can show off its bumpy goodness. The red furry stuff is something I got on massive sale at JoAnns. I think it is destined to become either a warm scarf or possible some sort of shrug. On the top right is some Mega Boot Stretch sock yarn from Lana Grossa ( I think). It porduces some pretty awesome footwear.
These here are some balls of a blue and brown yarn I spied quite some time ago and keot lusting after. I finally went back and got 5 or 6 balls of it to make a sweater. Probably a cowl neck one. Yes, it is of the super crappy fiber content variety but the colors rock.
And, because I couldn't exactly justify all the yarn purchases without actually turnong something out......Here is Kate (a la Winter '05 Knitty) lounging in my living room. Her one arm is a little wonky and the stitches are perhaps a little loose for all the polyfiber I stuffed into her, but I think she's cute anyways. You can also tell from her mouth that I'm not exactly a pro at embroidery. Oh well.
I additionally am almost done with my Hourglass sweater. This picture doesn't really do it much justice, but it does display the "almost done" element of it. At this point, that's probably the most important thing to it.
Here's a closeup of one of the raglan decreases. It's mainly just to see the colors better. I like it.
And finally, on par with my usual stress sock knitting, I present my Spring '06 Finals week sock crafter from Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sock in the Black Pearl colorway. The pattern is one of the simple lace ones from Sensational Knitted Socks. I don't recall which pattern it was offhand.
To be honest, the colors didn't come out quite as gorgeously as I had thought they would when I bought it. The yarn is SO SOFT though. I love it to death. I've heard it doesn't wear particularly well, but we'll see. I probably won't be wearing them all that much.
I've actually started working on another pair of socks out of a darker shade of the Mega Boot....yoy can see a little of it poking out in the right hand corner of the photo above. This yarn is so cool. The effect of the colors blending is really unique. I followed a link on the Yarn Harlot's blog and fell in love with the yarn. I'm loving it even more now that I was able to score some of it. I'll have photos of that one soon.
That's about it for the moment. I think I'm going to try and manipulate a new camera put of my mom in reward for my excellent grades. I guess I'm a little old for things like that, but hey. If you've got it, use it.
Sixteen Candles is on now so I must run. Hopefully now that my semester is almost over I'll be better with the updates and such.

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