Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I may have hit the point of no return

First off, I have to say that I don't know what the crap is up with the positions of these pictures. There's something wonky going on with the system. Needless to say, I've been busy with the needles since the semester ended. Ocer to the side there is something I'm quite proud of. My very first crocheted item!! Granted, I don't know who exactly is going to be making use of dishcloth around here, but it's done and relatively mistake free.

In actuality, I finished that thing a long time ago and just found it while I was cleaning under the cushions of my overstuffed chair. I still had to tie off the end and weave in the ends, so technically it's stll a new FO.

Next to my wonder of a dishcloth and below are two possible causes of the terrible pain that kept me up all last night. I finished my hourglass sweater last week so started Green Gable with some gorgeous Berroco Cotton Twist I got at the shop. I've been a little hestitant with the use of cotton, but I love the color so much and the patterns cute so I went for it. The pattern is fine, but I ran into a good bit of trouble with the needles. I started using Denise Interchangables size 6 with a 20 inch cord. At first, there were so few stitches that even the 20 in was a bit long, Quickly though, I began running out of space. I had to mess with and regroup the stiches so much that it was taking forever to finish a row and putting a ton of stress on my hands and wrists. Not fun. I went to switch to a 32in addi turbo, but the size 6 addi and 6 Denise are totally different! It's like a whole size different. I fretted with the 20in's for a while longer then gave up and went with the larger ,longer pair. It's coming out better that way texture-wise and since it's a top down raglan, the gauge isn't of as much importance.

This guy here is one of my fabulous Mega Boot Stretch socks. I tried and tried to get a picture of the finished one alongside the one far along in progress, but the flash on my camera was making them look all gross.

So on the topic of my horrid night.....perhaps it was due to obsessive knitting or maybe it was just from cleaning. Whatever the cause, I had a terribloe, terrible run in with my old pal tendonitis and was up all night unable to move without sending shooting pains through my arms. It was awful. I finally got up around 8 and began searching for medication. I finally decided on some painkillers I have leftover from something or another. We had not a bit of anti-inflammatory in the house. Luckily, someone was kind enough to go fetch me some since I could not move either of my arms of my fingers by about 9am. That was a really big blower.

On the bright side of the day, I met with a man about the AC and he fixed it, but needs to come back and do about $800 worth of work practically rebuilding the thing. Bad news is that by about 7, anything resembling chilled air stopped moving through the vents. I HATE my furnace. At least having that short time with cool air gave me one less thing to be miserable about while I sat in the kitchen all day not being able to knit or manipulate anything on the computer. I did get to read a good chunk of The DaVinci Code though. I already know the story so it's not quite as intriguing as it could have been if I read it sometime before everyone else on the planet.

So now my pain has subsided (I'm hoping it's for real and not just because I have like 30 doses of pain meds/ Motrin in me) and I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is going to be a long day so I'm going to bed. Whenever I get the AC fixed for good I'll take a picture of it. I don't even want to touch it's wooly goodness in this mess. Maybe I can cause mysle fot have have a dream about being somewhere cool and wonderful where Ican frolick in my Manos : )

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Javajem said...

It must have been a washcloth kind of week - because I just finished a washcloth last night. I made one from a pattern in Mason Dixon. I don't think I'll actually use the thing to wash anything - but I like stroking it and showing it off to others :)

Hope to you see on Thursday!