Thursday, June 01, 2006

Heat Sickness! Tendonitis! Oh My!

So today basically was horrible. For starters, I woke up to a blinking alarm clock again this morning so had to rush around in the heat to find out if I was way late for work or not. I wasn't. In fact, I ended up being up waaayyyy earlier than I had wanted to be. It was SO HOT. To motivate myself to move from under the fan and get ready, I envisioned being at work with the chilly AC blowing my hair back away from my face as I charmed customers with a big smile on my face. Plus, I have AC in the car. Turns out the AC at work is busted, too. Again. SO HOT. I couldn't even go into the main room because of the stagnant heat. I got chewed out by a customer because of the heat also, which was really fun. I definitely had one of those 'True Lies' moments where I imagined doing.saying totally different things to her than I actually did. Anyhow, I did make some progress on my Green Gable but I decided to leave it at work since I'll be there tomorrow. Pretty much as soon as I started adjusting to the heat a small shipment of yarn came in. I made the mistake of believing my arms were healed enough to lift the little box and carry it into the back room. Then my stupidity continues as I unpacked the yarn and tried to put it out on the shelves. Those two little actions pretty much started me on a downward spiral of arm horror.
Once I got home I was faced with surprising (NOT) info that my wonderful sister had refused to help my mother prepare for her big recital tonight. I won't go into details, but let me just say that before my butt even hit a chair, I had vacummed two rooms and rearranged the furniture in my living room. All with one arm. I'm sure I looked very cute doing it. I got everything done though and my mother is completely ticked off with my sister, which is always fun for me.
During the recital I fell asleep. This is where things went very, very worng. My house was so hot and horrible. As I was laying there, I started hearing strange things. This should have warned me to perhaps not continue to lay in the heat. I woke up a few hours later when my mom called to tell me the recital was over. I was just pure nastiness. I was covered with sweat, my skin was all hot, I had a killer headache and was sick to my stomach. To make things even better, my tendonitis had flared up in a major way and I could not use either of my arms. I went downstairs and tried to shake the heat-grossness off, but I just kept getting sicker and sicker. Within about 20 minutes from waking, I felt like I was going to pass out and had to prop myself up on a chair outside. This made me feel slightly better because it wasn't as warm, but I was still in terribel shape. Finally, my mom had to pack me up and take me down to my grandpas so I could lay down in his cool air while all the pain meds for my arms kicked in.
I feel a good bit better now, but I'm back at home and already the heat is making me feel like my skin is burning. I should have just spent the night and my grandpa's. Too late now.
That's about it for today. Tomorrow night is my knitting group so that should be a good time. Hopefully I'll be done with this second Mega Boot sock soon so I'll have yet another goody to show.

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