Saturday, July 29, 2006

Totally Busted

I was just so busted by my nephew and I knew the only place I could get any understanding was from fellow knitters. At Christmas two years ago, I had started knitting him a scarf. It turned out looking half-assed so I bought him a gift instead. My mother, being wonderful, told him that I was making him the scarf and showed it to him. I didn't rip it out and restart it for almost another year. This past year as Chirstmas was approaching, I bumped his gift up to a scarf, hat, and fingerless glove set. I knew I woudn't actually be seeing him at Christmas, so his gift got bumped in priority of finishing. I DID finish all the knitting, just not the weaving in of ends. He came over in January and I showed him the set, which he was impressed with, and told him that I would have it finished very soon. About a month and half later, I ran into him at Walmart and asked about it. I told him that needed to know if he wanted scarf fringe or not........It's now the very end of July. He came over for a surprise visit tonigth and saw his *still* unfinished gifts laying on my chair. I am a TOTAL LOSER, people. This time I said that since it had gotten so hot, I knew he wasn't going to be needing it so I just left it alone....and that I needed someone to show me how to sew over the holes in the thumb attachment. I have serious, SERIOUS issues with finishing projects.

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