Saturday, July 29, 2006

While it's true that I'm sometimes an unfaithful knitter....

Okay, I'm totally feed up with my publishing equipment. The program I have apparently doesn't work AT ALL. The pictures won't go where I want them to go, I can't add captions....I'm thru. I am adding finding a new alternative to my schedule this week. As much as it pains me to do so (because God forbid I should want to add a photo or two to my blog) I present to you one completed jaywalker, as shown above. It's in Opal sockyarn, but I must admit that I have yet to figure out the German mumbo-jumbo on the label to identify any sort of specific yarn name. I know from reading that they do HAVE actual names, but it's just beyond me at this moment.
And as proof that I didn't fib about starting the second sock immediately upon finishing the first, my black sheep tape agreed to pose with the cuff of the second.

I did mention the other day that I'm a terrible, unfaithful knitter and started my RPM's. I had a system worked which involved planting the RPM's at my kitchen table and leaving the jaywalkers in my office. That way, if I was upstairs, I was forced to work on the jaywalkers exclusively. In fact, I even finished the 2nd sock! Amazing. The sock has yet to make it's photo debut, but it soon will along with the baby bits of my 1st RPM.

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Javajem said...

I love the color of those Jaywalkers! I definitely have to push up my jaywalkers on the knitting priority scale!