Tuesday, April 24, 2007


my keyboard is broken in a way which prevents me from capitalizing letters. sorry for that. I'm feeling very lazy/tired today and really didn't feel like uploading pictures. if i had done so, i would be showing you a completed quill lace sock along with about half of a second. I'd also perhaps show off some of the new Lorna's laces i got to make my sister and myself some goodies. I'm a little peeved about the Lorna's laces though because i realized, only after splurging on quite a few different colorways, that i was ordering the sock weight and not the sport. the sock weight is okay and feels about as good as any other sock yarn, but the sport weight is soft, cushy, and all around my preferred Lorna's laces sock type product. i started my sisters socks on a size one and worked and worked my little hands off. after about a night's worth of work.....which yielded an approximate total length of about 2-2.5 inches, i found that it there was absolutely no way in hell that any full size human was going to fit it over their foot/heel. i ripped it out and started a new pattern with 80 stitches and am now thinking, after knitting and knitting and knitting, that it may be far too large an fiber consuming. this is one of the main reasons why i am a very selfish knitter/person in general. things just don't turn out right when i try my hand at random kindness.
okay, I've grown tired of playing with this monstrous key board so I'll bid a quick farewell and come back when i have some visuals.

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