Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some things I forgot

I was picking up around the house today and found a few S&W purchases that I had forgotten. I think this mostly has to do with the fact that I got most of them technically before the festival itself, but they either came from the festival or were something that was a planned purchase from MS&W but happened to be procured right before by chance. So here they are.
1. No Sheep for You by Amy Singer and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting.
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I initially hadn't expressed much interest in the No Sheep book. However, as I was standing in line for STR, the ladies in front of me had one very lovely tops which I was told were "Tomato" from the book. I know at least one of these ladies is a semi-local knit blogger, though I have no idea what her name is. I suspect I recognize her from the shop. She's one of the one's photographed on JavaJem's blog from the meet up.
2. A smallish umbrella swift!! Yay!!
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3. This next one is something that was gifted to me by Carole after she and pretty much everyone else who works at the shop got to go pick out yarn on Friday while I held down the fort. I couldn't have picked better myself.
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Ellyn Cooper Yarn Sonnet's Fine Merino in Strazzberry
4. Because I liked the yarn above so much, I decided to pick up a little more. I thought this color would work particularly well for my Horcrux socks from the Six Sox Knitalong.
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Ellyn Cooper Yarn Sonnet's Fine Merino in Misha
In unrelated news, I got some very bad news yesterday. As many of you may know, I've been having a great deal of problems with one of my wisdom teeth lately. I finally was able to see the dentist yesterday and it totally did not go as planned. During my initial look-over, it was discovered that I have bad periodontal disease and that there's essentially nothing that can be done to save mt front bottom teeth. The problem was amplified by my smoking (which I quit doing a while back) and my tongue ring (which I very begrudgingly had to remove). I also have some bad issues in all of my molars and my front teeth on top. As I understand it, hopefully the bottom ones are the only ones that are totally f**ed. I was also told that all of my orthodontal work has given me substantially less time before my teeth pop out like pez because all the shifting significantly shortened my roots. I guess the problem started a long, long time ago because it's way down in my gums and I have had extraordinary flossing practices for quite a long time. However, I have had a truly dismal history of visiting the dentist for like 10 years, unless there was an emergency. The ironic part is that my teeth themselves are fabulous. My gums just suck. I was particularly fond of the dentist telling me how wonderful my teeth were yesterday because it really doesn't mean jack right after telling someone that their teeth are soon going to be ejected. I'll tell you, if it's not one thing it's another. And the best part? They're not going to do a thing about my wisdom tooth until they can get however much of this periodontal stuff under control that they can. Now I get to suffer through the pain of that while thinking about the swarms of bacteria festering in the lower regions of my gums, destroying all my connective tissue. Super fun!! At least I'll be able to get a lot of knitting done while I'm hiding toothless in my house waiting for partials to be constructed.


Lindsay said...

you're no longer lindsay the clam :(

i had to remove one of my tongue rings too because it was destroying the gum on the back of one of my front teeth (which is wiggly--this scares the crap out of me. i'll probably have to get a gum graft). i'm kind of surprised that they say they can't do much about your teeth. :(

Javajem said...

Oh no! I HATE the dentist. It's pure torture I tell ya!

I'm not 100% sure who you are talking about (I can't see the pictures you posted at work - they block it!) - but it could be these gals:

If so - they are: