Saturday, May 26, 2007

Maybe it just means that I really like it.....

Okay, I'm back from the yarn shop now. What a nice, nice store. Good inventory, and super-duper nice people. I was able to score some of the Neighborhood Fiber sock yarn, so I was very happy. I didn't go way overboard either, which is impressive. Here is my haul.

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I got the Neighborhood Fiber studio sock in Kingman Park, Tofutsies sock yarn in some color that I can't even think of how to reference seeing as how I don't have it in front of me, and some Malbrigo goodness. The Malbrigo is lovely, but apparently doesn't like to be photographed. Here's a much darker shot that's a more accurate representation of it's color.

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Frankly I surprised myself a little with my Tofutsies purchase. I'd been wanting to try it out since I read about it's impending release, but I just haven't been thrilled with the colors. They had a sock knit up with it at the store and it looked nothing like what I've seen poking around online. I initially went straight for the purple/pink yarn that the model was knit up with but then stopped myself when I recalled that I have socs made from Fixation that are almost the exact same color. After picking up and putting down about 4 different colorways, I finally decided on the one which I purchased. The whole ordeal got me thinking though, and reminded me of something I noticed the other day at work and my shopping practices at MDS&W. The first thing was me noticing how some of the colors from Art yarns are exactly the same as those of Scarlet Fleece. I was in awe because while I realize that there are only so many colors out there, these two colorways were exactly the same. Scarlet Fleece is a hand dyer, too, which made it more weird. Anyhow, I then thought about my freakish STR splurge at MDS&W and how I later said that I could tell if I really liked a color if I made a mad dash to scoop some of it up twice. Anyway, today I got to thinking about what I've got going on in the stash and on the needles. This is just a minor wedge of all that's going on, but do you notice anything?

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Here I have another Fixation sock I'm reworking (I frogged a pattern out of it last night and am redoing it all in stockinette), some STR in Algae, and the Tofutsies from today. This picture doesn't really show the lime green in the Tofutsies, but it's there. Then we have this.

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Hello! Totally the same freakin' thing! I mean, I suppose I could look at it as me just really liking these certain color combinations, but it's like that with sooooo much of my stash. It's like I've just gone from yarn company to yarn company buying the same exact thing. Thankfully I've bought so much that I have just about every color represented, only in a giant clump of sameness. I'll just have to be a little more aware with my shopping from here on out. The funny thing is that a lot of the colorways I buy come home with me because I think they're so unique. I must have some sort of short term memory loss when it comes to fiber.


Large Marge said...

Yeah - "short term memory loss". Good one - I'll have to borrow it!

Nittany Knits said...

You got all this great yarn and we haven't heard from you since!

Karida said...

hey buddy, that Kingman Park sure does look familiar. ;) drop me a line when you get back from Italy.