Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas mishaps and Winter break knitting-spree

Too bad I'm too lazy to take some photos because I've got plenty to show. The pics will just have to wait. I really need to go to bed, but I haven't updated in in bit and figured I should.
I should preface this by announcing that I finished my semester with a bang, followed by a deflating fizzle that some academics may refer to as a "Statistics Final". Boy oh boy, was that just a big ol'crapfest. I won't go into it any further to save myself from mental trauma. I'm just glad it's over. Plus, the only reason I sucked so massively on my final on Friday was that my brain was so tired from kicking the asses of all my tests and assignments earlier in the week, the bulk of which fell on Thursday.
On to the knitting! I feverishly knit the second sock for my sister on Friday. It's another super-cool pair made of Kureyon in shades of blue......except that the second sock came out being green and purple. That was a bit of a problem. I SWEAR I checked the color number and dye lot. I KNOW I did. Since there was absolutely no way to pass it off as normal, I was forced to go yarn shopping today. I looked on and saw that there are several Noro colors that are basically the same blues with just slightly different variations in hues and accents. I admitted to myself that it's altogether possible that I totally flaked on checking the color numbers and whatnot, especially since I could have been placing a memory belonging to the first time I bought Noro for sister socks. Anyways, I went to the yarn shop today and got new yarn. The only thing to do is to knit two more socks that don't match and somehow make them match the other two mismatched socks to create two matching pairs. Try making sense of that after a few drinks! It's all perfectly clear to me, and that's all that matters at this point.
While I was at the yarn shop, I also picked up a final hank of black Manos to finish off my OSW that's been residing in the corner of my office for a good while. Additionally, I got a new Berroco pattern book because I want to make a sweater or three from the new yarns they have out. As I was waiting in line, I glanced some sort of pure awesomeness peeking out of a basket. It's name is Smile, by Reynolds, and a scarf that was slightly psychoticly knit this evening out of it is currently wrapped lusciously around my neck. It's very pretty. I'll post a photo of it tomorrow.
Well, time for me to be off to bed. I have to work tomorrow and run like a thousand and one other errands. Blah! I'll get a legitimate vacation at some point.

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