Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lucky Day!!

My pictures are still coming out all fugly. I'm not quite sure what to do about that. I feel like I have no control over this computer at all. Probably because I don't, really. Regardless of all that, I'm having a terrific day. Several good things have happened.
1) My aunt's funeral went well.
2) I got to pick up my pink saphire ring from the jewler. It's super fabulous. I should have taken a picture of it. I'll put that on my things t do list.
3) My cell class got cancelled v/c of Dr. McGraw's chronic intestinak virus. Poor lady. However, may I just say HOORAY!!!!?
4)My experimental psychology quiz for Thursday was cancelled.
5) My sister took me to Outback for dinner, and while I was waiting for her family to get there, one of my other sisters showed up and bought me a yummy cocktail. One just can't go out and not have cocktails.
and finally ....
6) I got my cell phone paid off.
See that picture up top? That's Carlota. She's my girl. Santa brought her to me when I was 3. We have a little toyland set up for Christmas. I'm going to have start knitting some new clothes for Ms. Carlota. Speaking of knitting. I finished my sisters hat. Well, almost. I still have to tie off the top and weave in the ends. If you look, you can see the yarn coming from my bag up to the top of my head. I tried to position it in the back, but apparently I wasn't too successful. I'm also making progress on the hand warmers for my nephew. I hope to finish those tonight, but I'm really tired. Well, Law and Order is on (surprise, surprise) so I have to go watch it. Adios: )-

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