Friday, June 01, 2007

Exactly what I was afraid of

I'm in Williamsburg right now attending the annual conference of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society. I must say, it pretty much kicks ass. There have been some thing that haven't been as exciting as I thought they were going to be, but there have been an equal number of events that have far exceeded my expectations. However, this is all besides the point. Wednesday morning when I was getting ready to leave I recalled my plan to never go barefoot as I'm trying to maintain my new pedicure. I slipped into my Fire on the Mountain socks and went about my business. Not too long after I put them on, I happened to run my hand over the sole of my foot because.....well, I do that a lot when I'm sitting around. I felt something ultra funny in the heel area and took the sock off to investigate. Sure enough, there's a mammoth hole torn into it. I have pictures but seeing as how I didn't pack my camera, they'll have to wait. I', always so afraid of messing up my socs that I rarely wear them, and if I do, it's just around the house. You may recall how I sucked up my fear and wore my FotM socks to Atlantic City the other week and had a bit of a shoe accident. I thought my fears were unfounded after I washed the socks and gave them rudimentary check up. I've even worn them to bed since then and didn't notice a thing. This really, really sucks and although I know there were extenuating circumstances surrounding their demise, I know it's going to leave a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to legitimately wearing my special socks.
It's nap time for me now. My room is one the outside of the building facing the parking lot, though I'm a few floors up. Last night a bus of hillbillies (or apparent hillbillies......they may have been some sort of Southern state team) arrived and it took them what seemed like hours to unload. Then there was a white-trash-a-thon going on outside my room on the balcony starting at like 7am. When I found out that my room was on the outside with a common balcony/walkway thing with an accessible window, I figured I wouldn't make it out of this place alive. I wasn't planning on going off on one of these mountain women who have intruded on me, but now at least the fear of my perishing has been alleviated.

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