Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ciao from the Amalfi Coast

I have to keep this short because my mother will inevitably find a way to destroy this post, too....as she did to my vey lengthy MySpace blog entry which I just tried to compose. Right as I was posting it she decided it would be a good idea to fuck around with all the switches in the room and shut off the electrisity, thereby killing my computer. At first I thought I was doing pretty well, but someone needs to pass the message on to Carole that all "no killing" bets are off.
Anyway, naturally we flew into London right after all the bomb stuff. Super fun. My baggage got lost and I've been sitting here with no pants, no underwear, no tampons......but I managed to sneak in 5 lipsticks and a plethora of yarn. All is well though because my luggage wasfound last night and shipped over.
I knit a modified monkey sock, but that's all so far. I'm very angry right now due to the huge post losing so I think I'm going to go change and hit the beach, even though my face is already lobster red. Fun, fun, fun.
Oh, and please excuse any horrific spellng errors as my blogger account is operating in Italian and doesn't give a crap about English words.


Javajem said...

Oh my god I'm so jealous!!! I was in Amalfi in 98 and it is the most beautiful place in the world! Take a drive up to Ravello and see the amazing views!! Take LOTS of pictures!!

Drink a Lemoncello for me :)

tinkknitz said...

My husband would say, "Loosing your luggage is the best excuse to buy new clothes". And try


You can enter whole sections of text.

Large Marge said...

Darn - they lost my luggage on the way home instead!

Knitini Anyone? said...

LINDSAAAYYYY! No Killing!!! Bad Lindsay, bad! I hope I'm not to late! I have survived my hostage situation, I mean, family vaction. You can, too! Come back to us safe, Little Camper, and without handcuffs and an international escort!!