Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Lord Help Me, they put a whole slew of new colors up on Blue Moon Fiber Arts!!!! I lost control! I couldn't help it! What's wrong with me?? Do you all realize how much freaking sock yarn I have??? I've clearly lost my mind. I'm not even going to be in the country for at least a week or so after it arrives! What the hell! I am weak....WEAK, I tell you.
Anyhow, I ordered Mesa, Jailhouse Rock, Space Dust, and Mineshaft (I think that's what it's called) in lightweight and Backstabber in Silkie STR. I must stop. Stop, stop, stop. My God. And I seriously want to go back onto the website right this second and order more. They put up new solid colors.....and there are so many more variegated shades that I. must. have. On top of all this, we gt reservations today for Chicago and essentially the sole purpose of me driving there is so I can ditch my mom at the hotel and drive to The Fold, where I plan to just sit and stare at the STR....before turning into a raging yarn buying beast of hell and wiping out their stock. Issues, people.I have them. Serious ones. You must go look at the BMFA website. Really. Luckily for me I already bought some of the new colors at Sheep & Wool.

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