Saturday, August 11, 2007


I'm having some sort of knitter's crisis that I've only had once or twice before. I feel like I'm absolutely drowning in my projects! I always have had a million ad one things on the needles, except for when I was working on my first and maybe second project. I used to be a responsible knitter. I used to go to MS&W and not buy anything because I didn't have a specific project in mind. Also, in the past, I think I used to get over infatuated with a yarn and want to dive right in, only to discover that I was knitting a giant piece of crap that I didn't want or like. Then it would be discarded into the abyss of "WIP's", which really was just a hiding place so I could pretend it didn't exist. Nowadays, I'm knitting things I actually want. I'm making an effort to get things finished. I'm trying to reel in the stash and get things organized! It's too much for me! Then all these pretty new yarns appeared. Even though I'm not knitting anything with them right now, I have plans. And damn that Ravelry queue! Half of me loves it, but in the state I'm in right now I feel like those projects....all those many, many lovely projects, are just sitting there reaching out with zombie-like arms saying "Kniiiiiitttt Meeeee, kniiiitttt meeeeee". It's putting a strain on my brain! And then I started all these different things. Some of the big, some of them supposedly small and quick to knit. Or so I thought. Scarves and hats and socks....yes, they're quicker. Still, when you have a gillion of them going at one time it doesn't work out so speedily.
Well, I'm done with pitiful rant. I have the day free so I'm going to try and finish up something, at least, while I'm playing with my DVR and straightening up.

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Javajem said...

I hear ya!! My WIP pile is larger than my FO pile!!