Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The joys of Ebay

"Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country," --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC.
You gotta love good ol' Marion Barry. I'm so proud of my birthplace.
So this weekend I went shopping. I was trying to get out of the house and blow some of the illness off me, so I went here and there. I had to go out to Columbia to pick something up and then went to Pier 1 to look for cushions. While I was at the shopping center, I decided to go to Joann's to see if they had any size 1 circ's, since mine suck ass. They had no size 1's but I came across a very peculiar colorway of their house brand yarn, Sensations Licorice. I had purchased some blue Licorice a few years ago and still have yet to do anything with it. It's a very nice yarn but more on the pricey side for craft store yarn, and I just didn't have enough of it to anything I wanted to do. I tried for about 2 years to buy more of it but couldn't fins it anywhere. This year I found tons of it but never bought anymore of the blue since I've decided to make a hat with it. Anyhow, so I found this killer color. I bought all that they had in stock because I want to make a sweater with it, but I still am like 8 balls short. I checked online and they're out of stock as well. Boo. In my searching, I realized at some point that I hadn't seen any Patons Mosaic advertised. I was making a sweater out of it like 2 years ago and never bought the remainder of the needed yarn. I checked the Patons website and sure enough,the yarn is discontinued. I searched everywhere on the internet to try and find some leftovers. Found none. Finally, I saw a listing for some on Ebay in the colorway I needed. Long story short, I ended up getting all the yarn need to finish the sweater (11 balls) for like $17. Sweet.

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trek said...

I am commenting here to ask you a major favor and I don't have your email address. A Ravelry person told me that you are a big STR fan. Would you possibly have a hank of the Neptunite colorway in the lightweight sock yarn that you would be willing to swap with me for a hank of STR in a different color? I am near the end of a shawl that was supposed to use only 654 yards of yarn. Three hanks of STR later and I am still coming up short.

Sorry to leave a comment that doesn't go at all with your posting but I am (understandably) desperate here. I am trying to get someone to swap with me instead of ordering new - I am hoping that the existing Neptunite in the wild will all be from the same dye batch.

Thanks so much for reading this comment - and doubly so if you would be so kind as to consider swapping with me!!