Monday, September 10, 2007

Today's Activities

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I finally finished knitting Lady Eleanor last night. I shouldn't use the word finally, really, because it implies that it took a super long time. I started knitting this eleven days ago I think. I had a goal of knitting one ball a day but I fell behind around day 7. I ended up using a full 10 balls of Silk Garden to finish the body and decided to save the 11th for the crochet trim and fringe. I did a little figuring last night and realized that I was going to need about 40 yard of yarn for the fringe. hopefully it'll dry up fairly quickly and I can get her finished up tomorrow. I was a little unsure about how to block the body because I need to add about 4 inches in width and was getting some conflicting advice. I ended up deciding to wet block it after giving it a soak in some Eucalan to try and remove the stink of dog. I picked up the Eucalan at Fiberworks this morning. Renee went through her new stock with me while I was there and she's got some really nice stuff. A cashmere/silk blend from one of those companies associated with Tahki, and a few wool/silk blends from various companies. I'll have to plan a project to use at least one of them. Anyhow, it's time to break out the pins ad get this thing laid out.


Lindsay said...

Ask Carole about the Renee story from this weekend. It will surprise you.

Lindsay said...

Black Sheep is having their 'grand opening' this Saturday (10-4pm), and everything is 20% off, in case you want to check it out.

Lindsay said...

Huh. I may have to make my way out there. Thanks for the heads up.