Saturday, September 15, 2007

Work Horrors

Again, no actual knitting content. I have a nice little FO to show and still haven't taken pictures of Lady E., but I'm sick as a dog and really don't feel like expending the energy to plug my camera in and hit 'download'. So! Reading my comments from my previous post this morning brought back a rush of memories. It also made me think about how while the crazy people we have to deal with at the shop are indeed CRAZY, I have yet to be disgusted, personally injured, or bitched at for the time it takes to eat a multi-course meal. This most recent incident was , I think, the first time someones has actually yelled at me in my whole yarn shop working experience. In contrast, here are some of the highlights of my time with Silver Diner. And this is just with the restaurant customers, not with the people in corporate. That's another story (and in case anyone connected is reading this, almost all of you are wonderful but one certain person who happens to own the company is a bit on the spoiled brat side).

1) I once was seating a family and took them to the back room. As I was walking into the section, a man with another family started shaking his head back and forth at me, trying to keep me from bringing these people back there. I gave him a quizzical look while continuing to walk and he made eyes to the adjacent table across the aisle. I looked over and found that the father of that table had puked ALL OVER THE PLACE, and he and his family remained sitting there munching on their food like nothing had happened. YUM.

2) In a similar vein, I once ran food back to table in the same back room. I noticed that they had brought a great big lego box for their daughter to play with and thought that was nice. Later I went back in that area and happened to glance at the bucket again. FULL OF VOMIT!!. That led to a multiple hour ordeal where the family had decided to pretty much camp out there for the day, ordering desserts and having other people join them, etc. All the while, the sick little girl would just sporadically puke into the bucket. We couldn't seat anyone back there and the manager was new and didn't know if he could legally kick them out since they were paying customers. Nasty day, and that manager wasn't with the company too long.

3) Once an electrical wire broke in the food window and shot hot, hot sparks all over a friend of mine.

4) I had to spend the night in the emergency rooms with one of our illegal cooks after he chopped part of his finger off in the kitchen. I had all sorts of fabulous responsibilities!!

5) I can't even count the number of times parents just sat their ignoring their bastard kids as they literally ground food into the tables, seats, and windows....then just walked away after the meal leaving it for the workers to clean up.

6) The man who shit on the floor not once, but THREE TIMES. All on different occasions.

7) The dude who chased one of our waitresses down the aisle, knocked her over and physically attacked her right there in the aisle. She ended up getting paid off by the guys prominent father. The guy was mentally ill and was on a weekend pass.

8) New Years Eve drunks at 4am. Need I say more?

I'm sure there's much, much more but I just wanted to give a little taste of the wonders of my old job. I'd say my current job woes pale in comparison. Oh, and crazy lady didn't come back in on Friday.

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Nittany Knits said...

And by the way people, feeding little Johnny and Suzy iced tea or mountain dew is not going to help them remain seated during the course of your meal. And NO, they do not have ADHD. They have caffine and sugar issues. Try a salad.