Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ahhhhh, the fabulosity that is BMFA

I've kind of been holding off on the posting of new yarn acquisitions....mainly because I seem to have been "holding off" on posting FO's/WIP's/Anything that would give the general impression that I do anything with yarn other than hoard it. Since I've had a few FO's to show of late, and because this last yarn purchase is just kickass--
I'm in love. I had family over today who got to witness the freakish radiation of joy that came to me when I walked in and saw my special BMFA box. One would have thought I had just been shipped a large package of 100 dollar bills.
Now, although I'm exhausted and have pulled inner thigh muscles, I'm heading for the gym. Those of you interested in what colorways are up there can poke around my Ravelry stuff or take the less time consuming (but less adventurous) option of just asking me:)


Javajem said...

Dude!! You've got to be kidding me! I have never so many diff colors in one place!! Well except at the Fold!
What's the one in the middle?

Are you giving out any samples :)

Jessica, aka TopazGirl said...

That is some serious fabulosity. :) What are you going to start first?

Karolion said...

ahh sock yarn, so delicious. I am makin another hat pattern. Want to knit it when I am done too? :D Your foliage came out super radtastic. Oh crap and I forgot to mention-atleast I think I did, if you still want a sugar skull thing I think Zaq would be totally down for drawing it up for you.