Thursday, September 11, 2008

Silence and Socks

There's been little on which to update lately, hence the lack of posts. I've just been really, really busy these past two weeks and knitting has been far down on the list of things that need to be done.
One thing I HAVE been working on though, albeit slowly, is trying to complete all the socks from RSC. Though I swore up and down that I was going to stay on top of the kits, I've completed a woeful single pair. From the first kit I got one sock knitted down to just the toe. It got put on the back burner because it was packed away while I went to visit a sick friend and never unpacked. Once I got it out of my suitcase, I realized that perhaps I had made a mistake knitting the sole on a smaller needle. That discovery pushed it further to the back of the back burner. About a month ago I took it out again and put it on my foot, then decided that I could deal with it. I tried it on again last night though and have to accept that it just too tight in the ankle region. So frogged it was at about 4am. I've been working on it today and am now back to the heel turn. Hopefully, if I can steal some time out of my life, I can have the pair finished by weeks end.

The next pair is the one I finished.

The May kit is lovely, but I didn't start on it until last week. I bound off the first sock today (using EZ's sewn bind off which is AWESOME) and wow, did that thing take a LOT of knitting time. The patterns not hard to follow, but the little cables and knitting 2 together thru the backloops was hard to manage with the relatively dull pointed needles I was working with. I hope that the second one will go faster.

The July kit is also has one sock knit down to the toe and the only reason I haven't finished it, or the second sock, is just pure laziness and lack of attention span.

I guesstimate that I should have the September kit in about 2 weeks so it's going to be tough. Even if I don't get them all finished, I'll still be a lot closer to goal than I am now.

In other news, a lot of deer have come out of hiding around here because of all the tree-ripping they're doing here for the ICC. I saw 10 deer tonight while driving the 1 mile to my grandpa's house, 2 of which live in my neighborhood. Unfortunately for me, the deer in my neighborhood are two GINORMOUS bucks with great big-ass antlers and one of them wants to destroy me. Everyone keeps telling me that the deer isn't going to attack me, but I feel differently. This dude has absolutely no fear of me at all, watches me while shifting his legs like he's a race horse waiting for the gates to open, and has total disregard for the dangers associated with my car. He doesn't freeze but just keeps walking while keeping an "I'm going to tear you apart" look in his eyes. Two nights ago he even bent down and bucked his giant antlers at me while I tried to creep by. I have no doubt that he will, in fact, beat the crap out of me by the end of the season. I'd like to sneak out there and get a picture of him to show you, but that would mean my stepping into his world and getting trampled and antlered to death. Then people would just use the picture from my dropped and probably bloody camera to put up as a display at my funeral.

I need to go move Riley from my knitting chair now as he's ripping apart paper robbed from the trash all over it. I would take the trash out to the curb as it's trash night, but again....risk of brutal death. It'll have to be out off til morning.

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