Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy, busy

When I last wrote, I believe I may have said something about how I had a goal of finishing up all the previous kits from RSC. Well.....yeah, that's pretty much not gonna happen. I have made some progress, though.

This one gives a little more details.
They're arranged in chronological order. Serendipity in Dragon Dance, Leafling in Lucky, Cleopatra's Stockings in Incredible Shrinking Violet, and Gumdrop Socks in Goody Goody. The only one to have a mate is the Leafling, but damned if I know where that thing ran off to. The next installment is shipping out on Tuesday so I've essentially abandoned all hope of reaching my goal.
I may have actually met my socky goal if the new issue of Knitty hadn't been published with this in it.
The pattern is such that it looks kind of funky until it's all blocked out and nice. I was really iffy on my color choices, but now that it's getting bigger it's growing on me more and more. I'm buying this maroon fall jacket and I think this'll go perfectly with it. The golden color is Oregon Red Clover Honey (STR lightweight) and the multi is mediumweight Carbon Dating.
I also found this thing languishing on a shelf in my hallway.
My Montego Bay scarf. In my crazy head I thought that it was almost done and decided to just finish it up. Not so much on that "almost done" part. It is a quick knit, but it's one of those where you have to just keep at it. I want it to be very long as my initial plan was to make it almost wrappish. I think I still have about 2ft left to go. Oh, and that yarn is BMFA Luscious Single Silk in Gypsum.
I've gotta work in the am so I'm going to try and make it an early night. I need to work a little on some Christmas research knitting before I hit the sack. I don't know how much about that I can post, but I'm relatively sure that no one involved reads this so I'll probably show my results pretty soon.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend kickoff!

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Mel said...

Wow, dude. I just perused your sock yarn stash on Ravelry. I'm struck totally speechless by the sheer number of skeins of sock yarn you've collected, and totally envious that such a large percentage of said sock yarn is STR and Wollmeise.