Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's snowing!!

And that really sucked earlier while I was trying to drive from Ellicott City back down to Silver Spring. I won't go into it much, other than to say that at one point my car skid about 200 ft travelling perpendicular to the road, then spun around headed the wrong direction before finally spinning around again and letting me go on my merry way. My car and inclement weather....not such good friends. On the happy side, I had both gloves and a snow scraper inside my vehicle so I was much more prepared than usual. This would be perfect weather to wear my lovely double knit mittens that I've been planning/working on for a time period too long to reasonably fathom. However, they are not yet done. More on that later.
One thing that IS finished, since it's like the last thing anyone would ever need to defend themselves against cold and ice is this:
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I picked up the new book Knitting Pretty, or whatever it's called by one of the women from Stitch N' Bitch Nation. At first glance I thought it was really good. Now that I've actually looked at it I don't know how many patterns I would actually take the time to do. Nice stuff, just not necessarily for me. One thing that did kind of strike my fancy was the idea of gifting people with hand knit washcloths and designer soap. One of my sisters is getting ready to move and I thought that may make a nice little housewarming gift. To test the practicality of the idea, I first made a washcloth for myself, only I used cotton instead of the hemp called for in the pattern. It started out as a way to knit thru some of my stash, but then I ended up frogging the stash cotton and buying this stuff at Walmart. The colors match nothing, but they made me feel a little brighter. It's Peaches and Cream cotton on the lemon-lime colorway. It actually isn't as low grade as I had pictured in my head, but my hands wanted me to just go kill myself after knitting just a few rows. Cotton just isn't my thing.
To end, here is a gratuitous photo of the boys. I'm sure that they were fighting each other or double teaming something else momentarily after the picture was taken.

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Other than that, have fun in the snow and be safe on the roads!

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Nittany Knits said...

OMG you are a blogging fool!!!! Yeah!

by the way, your stash has to be bigger than this. I know you are hidding out and not picturing the full stash.