Saturday, January 20, 2007

Photo testing

Okay, here it goes. If this works, you all will witness not one, but two great feats. 1) I will have actually published a photo in a manner that suits the ideals I have in my head and 2) You will see that my disgustingly large stash is no longer splattered around my house.
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As you can see (hopefully), I have not only managed to shove a lot of yarn in plastic drawers, but I have also taken steps towards organizing my books and patterns. This is mainly just books. The crates underneath are far less impressive, as they are currently crammed haphazardly with loose papers of various origins/topics.
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This is another shot that shows the depth of my yarn containment unit. Quite impressive, no? Also impressive is the ginormous pile of rubble that still remains at the foot of my glorious construction. As you may notice, my genious design also includes both knitting and knitted bags hanging on hooks that were stratigically placed for me about 30 years ago when my house was built. Needle holders (please note my fabulous Lantern Moon needle case that was picked out at the TNNA convention and later purchased at work) fit nicely in the previously uncomely space between towers.
Okay, so I've got a slightly better hand on the picture thing now. I still have to fgure out some sizing and placement issues, but I'm pleased with myself none-the -less.
In non-knitting news, I just saw on my scrolling news that they're getting ready to release a Steve Irwin doll. I find this disturbing for some reason. Still, I will have to devise a plan to keep myself from purchasing one.

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tinkknitz said...

Congratulations on the pictures Lindsay. My first attempts were rough too. Try adding them one at a time in the smallest size. Then folks can click on them to enlarge if they choose. Did you know you can click and drag the pictures within your text before you preview or publish? Makes us artistic types happy. See you soon.