Saturday, June 23, 2007


I just got my invite to Ravelry and am sooooo excited!! I half wish I could postpone my trip to Italy so I could obsessively sit here and upload photos. The "responsible" part of me is als thinking about how this could potentally be such a blessing to me organization-wise. It'll require me to go thru everything, group everything, provide me an opportunity to re-house things in a sensical manner.......and then I have to deal with all the technological crap and re-upload all my shit from photobucket to flickr and mess with all the things photo related that I'm very surprised I haven't managed to jack up aleady. Poo.
Oh, and as promised like a month ago, here's the damage on my pretty, poor little Fire on the Mountian sock.

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I sillhave to figure out how to darn it, if that's what the process is even called. Okay, I have to run and play more on Ravelry! Yay!

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tinkknitz said...

Feeling your pain, I did a little research for you. If you're up to an experiment try

It looks very interesting. My grandmother used a "darning egg" made of wood on a handle. She held it inside the socks to hold the hole open and see the stitches better. (I still have hers :) Craft stores have wooden objects, maybe you can find an appropriate shape.
Be brave! Darn it!