Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harry Potter and some new loot

Today I got to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was good, but they cut SO much out of the movie. The parts they included were very much like I would expect from reading. I enjoyed it. Also, I love Lucius Malfoy. He will be mine. The only snag that I have to get around is the fact that he doesn't really exist. Additionally, I have decided that I also love Vincent D'onofrio on Law and Order Criminal Intent. Again I face the same difficulties of being enamoured with a ficticious character.
One thing I learned in the movie is that I have spent so, so long painstakingly knitting a now outdated scarf. Hogwarts has entirely new garb. What's the deal with that? My original hypothesis that maybe there's a new carf for older students was rejected. Now I think that the boys over at Warner Bros. just want to make a few extra bucks on new item sales. They must be on to something b/c I went straight from the theater to work and bought some stuff to make a second scarf in the new pattern. Yes, I am repulsively dorky.
It was also decided last night that I will be knitting my dad an Army scarf and hat for Christmas. I picked up some gold Pastaza at work, but there was no black. I went on a hunt after work and still no black pastaza. I believe now that they don't actually make black shade. Their "black" is actually like a dark charcoal with some white bits coming off. Not what I'm going for. I settled for some Lang something or another that's an alpaca/wool blend. It's quite nice and I think it'll work well. Plus, I'll score extra points for more interesting animal fibers tied into one project. I think I may throw some grey on the , too, so I'll have to pick up some of that Sunday when I go into work. Oh! I also got a new Berroco pattern bok and the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Noro book 2. It's pretty nifty. I have some plans for my winter break now.
Tomorrow is my sister and dads birthday party. I volunteered to make the cake, for which I purchased that Betty Crocker multiple layer cake pan thing. I'm make chcolate and yellow cake layer, with chocolate mousse filling. I made the mousse tonight and I'm a little worried that I won't have enough.If not, IO can make more tomorrow.
I'm so tired now and I have a big day tomorrow so I have to get some sleep.

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