Monday, November 28, 2005

Been awhile

Here I am, the one who obsessively sits here checking and rechecking my daily reads, becoming flustered when people fail to continually keep blogging and blogging.....and I've gone and waited God knows how many days without posting a single thing. I think I'm just peeved that I can't upload any new pic's. A lot's been going on. The semester is almost over, Christmas is quickly coming....busy, busy. busy. I'm going nutty with my Christmas knitting/crafting. I'm full of the holiday spirit this year. It's enlightening, yet a little buggy because I just want to sit around making gifts, decorating, and baking yummy Christmas cookies and rum balls.
Even though these bits are pretty meaningless without photos, I have about two repeats left on my dad's scarf, got one of my sisters scarves started, and finally finished the cuff on one of my cousins socks. Also, I scored some excellent Kureyon for one of my other sisters gifts. I'm sooooo envious. I can't wait until After Christmas so I can start working more on stuff for myself. It makes me confident in my gifts though when I desperately want them for myself.
On a sad note, my Aunt Janice died this evening. She's been sick for a long, long time, but it still came unexpectedly. I guess she had a heart attack and died pretty quickly/quietly. It's sad, but at least she's not suffering anymore. The quality of her life was very poor.
Okay, I'm off to knit a few more rows before I hit the sack. Adios!

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